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Street art graffiti and stencil mural at Parco, Tokyo, Japan

In one of the most valued cultural melting pot in Tokyo, at the luxury shopping mall Shibuya PARCO in Japan, you can find the latest mural painted by Martin Whatson “Scuba Diver”. This 8 x 4m hand painted piece of colorful mix of graffiti, tags and black and white stencil art, is available for visitors all day. As a sample of cultural trends, entertainment and lifestyle this new wall greets urban consumers and cultural visitors.







Curious spectators were filming and observing the three day long process of preparing, elaborating and finishing the mural “Scuba Diver” in Tokyo.

Painted for Shibuya PARCO Japan, on the occasion of the first Solo Exhibition by Martin Whatson in Tokyo, Japan, “Okaeri” in August 2022. See pictures from the exhibition here.