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“SHE” Exhibition @ OsloNowhere

Prints and Original show with Oslo Nowhere at SHOOT Gallery in Oslo, Norway.
March 2021

Martin Whatson reappears during Lockdown in Oslo, starring the instagram LIVE exhibition organized by OsloNowhere.

On the 6th of March you can get a digital live view of some of Martin’s latest works, at the art exhibition “SHE”. The premises chosen for this occasion is Shoot Gallery, a former 1940’s Gas Station, on the upper west side of Oslo, Norway. 


Together with 13 norwegian contemporary artists, the event will enrol Live on  instagram to indulge art lovers and collectors who are eager to discover new  artists, and see some of the most valued pieces expected to be shown. 


Martin might show up to comment on his latest work, if Covid restrictions permits his presence. If not, you can watch the “making of” movie from OsloNowhere here, and follow Martin Whatson on a daily basis on his Instagram account.